A simple concept to remember

The promotional items reflect the face of a company, that’s why Advertising Group is responsible to find and propose solutions for any need and field of activity of its customers.
The knowledge, the consolidate contacts, the materials that we use and the continuous search for new products, allow us to guarantee the customer a wide range of promotional and textiles, with various price ranges and numerous alternatives for all customers.

Also, the opportunity to customize the product allows the company to make it unique and useful not only for a practical solution gift, but also to represent the company in the trade show or special events events (anniversaries, conventions, launching a new brand … ).
The originality of the product and the accuracy of our work before and after sales, make our company an anchor for the promotion within the market, giving customers a solid foundation to achieve their corporate image through the desired article

  • Clothing
  • Promotional clothing / work
  • Bags and Accessories
  • Corporate gadgets
  • Hi-tech & tools
  • Articles for the leisure
  • Custom creations


All textile items can be supplied as a neutral or custom (printing, embroidery).
Big brands and high quality of the materials do of the clothing provided by Advertising Group both a guarantee in the use of the item of clothing and  the intended purpose as a promotional gadget.

Gadget Company
Wide choice of gadget company for gifts and promotional items. In the Advertising Group catalogs these are the best market news for the promotion of style and quality of your company.
With great caution of the actuality and quality of materials we offer articles integrable with any corporate activity and promotional needs request.